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Uro Bag System

Urinary Incontinence Leg Bag System





  • Unisex Leg Bag System,
  • No uncomfortable leg straps,
  • Will not constrict circulation to lower leg,
  • Will not cause painful skin ulcers,
  • Securely holds leg bag without leg straps,
  • Works with ALL catheters (including nephrostomy)

The Uro Bag Urinary Incontinence System is used with ALL Catheters:

  • Condom Sheath
  • Foley
  • Ileoconduit
  • Superpubic
  • Nephrostom (left, right or bi-lateral)

Packet contains:

  • 1 Reusable Rubber leg bag (700ml/24oz); with T-Valve release port
  • 1 Unisex Leg Bag Holder
  • 2 Pockets, washable
  • 1 Extention Tubing with Connector

Waist Sizes:

  • Small         URO1GRYS      28″-30″
  • Medium    URO1GRYM     32″-34″
  • Large         URO1GRYL      36″-38″
  • X Large     URO1GRYXL   40″-42″
  • 2X              URO1GRY2X   44″-46″
  • 3X              URO1GRY3X   48″-50″

Medicare Approved:  HCPCS #A5112


Uro Bag System                  Leg Straps                   Adult Diaper



David Wagner, Gold & Silver Medalist 2012

Quad Tennis 2008 and 2004 Paralympic Games.

“The comfort and support I achieve with Uro Bag System is perfect for my active lifestyle.”

Patented Product of Uro Concepts, Inc.


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Product Type: Urinary Incontinence Leg Bag System NO LEG STRAPS