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Splatter-Gard Wound Irrigation

Splatter-Gard Wound Irrigation

• Splatter-Gard™ prevents contamination from body secretions – new concave design provides maximum splash-back protection
• Soft, flexible plastic tip eliminates needle-stick for user, minimizes trauma to patient
• Irrigant is delivered with force equivalent up to 8 psi
• Latex-free product


1. Tear open bag and remove flexible tip.

2. Attach hub of flexible tip to the luer taper of double check valve.*

3. Slide Splatter-Gard over tip and push firmly onto hub making sure that concave surface faces wound.

4. Rotate the Splatter-Gard to provide maximum area where needed


Individually wrapped sets of one each, Splatter-Gard, Tip and Cap. Box of 10 $39.10


Sold Separately:

Irrijet 55-0004

55-0004 – Irrijet GP spring-loaded syringe with 12 cc capacity (5/Box)

55-0504 – Irrijet Single-Patient Multi-Use, Product 55-0004 plus package of 5 individually sealed jet tips (5/Box)

55-2104 – Irrijet Single-Use, Product 55-0004 plus jet tip and Splatter-Gard (5/Box)

55-2134 – Irrijet Single-Use, Product 55-0004 with 35 cc syringe capacity, plus jet tip and Splatter-Gard (5/Box)

Part Number: 55-6100

Product Type: Wound Irrigation