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Our Neonatal Specialty Medical Products will help you provide your babies with the best of care.

OB/GYN Instrumentation

Your “One Stop Shop” for all of your OB/GYN Instrumentation and Equipment.


HMS offers devices for surgery that allow the surgeon to provide the best outcomes for their patients.


Entidal CO2O2 cannulas and Oxygen delivery systems, wound irrigation systems, as well as Laryngoscopes are some of the devices that are critical to the ER.

Heartland Medical Specialties, Inc.


“The first stop for all of your hospitals needs.”

Since  1987 Heartland Medical Specialties has been a leading distributor for Surgical, NeoNatal Intensive Care, Anesthesia, Respiratory, OB/GYN, Radiology, and Emergency Care products,  as well as Hospital and Office New and Refurbished  Equipment.  

For over 25 years, Heartland Medical Specialties has dedicated to our customers, quality products, service and satisfaction.    

Heartland Medical Specialties is a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business.  We take pride in being able to provide a wide range of products for our nations VA and Military Hospitals.

Dennis Black, the founder of Heartland Medical Specialties, started his business after years of experience working for some of the top national medical manufacturing and distribution companies in the country.

Dennis and his wife Paula, co owners of HMS, deliver their products from a 65,000 square foot distribution center in Lenexa, Kansas.

Located in the heartland of America allows customers to receive their products on time with orders being processed and shipped the same day.

With a capable, experienced staff your Materials Management decision makers can get the answers they need about the best products available, at the best price available.

With the many changes in our nation’s healthcare, Heartland Medical Specialties’ goal is to provide the end user with the best specialty products at a price that is responsible, fair and competitive.

Welcome to Heartland Medical Specialties, Inc. 

“The first stop for all of your hospitals needs.”

Did you know...?

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When Spring begins, our territory to workout expands. Not only are we free to workout in more comfortable clothes in places that are no longer iced over or piled up with snow, but we’re ready to take on the water. Swimming isn’t the end all be all for water activities, so make it a point this year to try your hand at a few water-based workouts that are off the beaten path.


No matter how many swimming lessons my mother put me through, I was never keen on swimming in water “taller” than my 5’3” frame. That made me a prime candidate for classes in water that did not require actual swimming. While many classes are called water aerobics, aqua classes have many more benefits. While running in the pool, or aquajogging as it’s called, is a great full-body workout, the resistance of the water is also great at increasing flexibility, joint mobility, and overall strength training. If you’re looking to eventually get into more intense lap swimming, aqua classes are an easy jumpstart to build up your stamina and aerobic capacity.

Many local Fitness Centers maintain the temperature of their pool at 84 degrees.  That’s the recommended temperature for arthritis therapy.  So come on in!  The water’s wonderful!